Streaming Barcode System Status

IDAutomation's streaming servers use dual Intel Xeon multi-core processors hosted in SOC2 or SSAE-16 certified datacenters. As more clients use the service, servers are upgraded to support the load so the average barcode generation latency is less than 100 ms (once tenth of a second). The service will always be online and available to generate barcodes because of our unique and completely isolated DNS failover system with servers in different data centers. A performance test performed in 2015 shows an average response time of 33 ms for 2000 distributed clients in one minute requesting barcodes during normal business hours.

Press refresh on your browser; the presence of a barcode indicates proper streaming operation from that server.

  US West Barcode Generator US East Barcode Generator
Streamed Barcode: US West Barcode Generator US East Barcode Generator
Direct URLs:
Data Center: Cybercon St. Louis, MO, USA QuickPacket Charlotte, NC, USA

IDAutomation also offers several streaming products that may be installed locally: