Free Online Barcode Creator

IDAutomation offers professional online barcode generator services that are high-performance, fault-tolerant and free without the burden of managing internal hardware, deploying patches and upgrades or monitoring performance.

About the Free License:

IDAutomation grants a "free" license to all organizations that qualify according to the Free License portion of the License Agreement, provided that the watermark is not removed. A 30-day evaluation period is granted to organizations that do not qualify for the free license. The watermark does not appear in the purchased version.

This product is a hosted version of IDAutomation's ASP Barcode Server for IIS royalty-free and perpetually licensed product. Therefore, this free online barcode generator may also be used to test and evaluate implementation of the ASP Barcode Server for IIS product without any installation.

URL Implementation of the Online Barcode Generator:

The free version of this product uses the URL of, and is easily implemented as described in the Streaming Barcode Implementation section of the Barcode Server for IIS manual.

The data may be encoded by adding ?D= to the end of the generation URL, for example:

URL Used in HTML to Generate the Barcode Image Image Generated from URL
<img src=""/>

Example of the Free Barcode Generator

Properties may be changed by adding &PropertyName= to the URL, for example:

NOTE: IDAutomation does not recommend changing properties unless the default values must be changed.

The watermark does not appear on the barcode in the purchased version of this product, which is the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service. The purchased version is very affordable, with prices as low as $25 per month*. To transition from the free version to the purchased version, simply replace with the unique URL provided after purchase.

Online Barcode Generator Support

The service may be tested by accessing the URL directly. For example, should create a barcode image. For additional assistance, please contact IDAutomation or Ask a Question on our forum for technical support.

IDAutomation also offers many royalty-free and perpetually licensed products; these include the following:

* The price of $25 per month was obtained as a monthly cost when dividing the annual Small Company License by 12 months because all orders are paid on an annual basis.